Seen as a child in an old photo.

Guy is the first girl introduced in the comic. She has short reddy-brown hair. She and Wayne enjoy eating sushi off women, but seem disgusted by people who have sex with cars.

She dislikes people who use 'literally' wrong and once put Wayne in the hospital for doing so.

She is very violent, rude, crass, and evil-tempered. She also seems to have no sense of right or wrong and seems hopelessly out of touch with other women and men and doesn't pay any attention to other people. She considered Wayne to be her best friend, (though best friend/enemy would be more accurate).

Guy's sister is also referred to by her.

It is clarified here that 'Guy' is a nickname she has (she claims due to her metaphorical 15 incher) and her real name is not revealed.

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